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Big Wing Drivers: Incoming!!!

In recent years, manufacturers have been pushing for faster drivers. Physics dictates that they be sharp and wide rimmed: 

They're heeere!!!

The Boss and Groove are almost old news, with 2.5 and 2.4 cm rims respectively. It seems that most Innova pros (and Nikko) still prefer the Destroyer (2.2cm). The Katana's recent release seems to be an attempt to put that wide rim into weaker hands/arms. It is indeed a sidewinder on steroids. It features the Boss' 2.5cm rim, and the Destroyer's top, giving it a butt ton of glide and turn. Its release has only been in fundraisers for the Japan Open (Pro, R-Pro, Champ) and Worlds (Star). Not much has been said about the star mold. The R-Pro should be out for general release in January 2010. 
I must say though, the Japan open stamps are sweeeeeet...

Discraft has been tweeting/facing (facebook?) that their Nuke (2.5cm) is coming soon. The forums have had a few words from "testers," revealing that there is both a regular and an SS version out there. The "SS" was being tested by Discraft players in November and as reported as being much less stable than the Force. The regular version which is about to be released is expected to be more stable than the earlier SS, but similar in speed: much faster than the Force. It might be fist released as a fundraiser for The Memorial. This Nuke's rim is Discraft's largest yet:

Latitude's Halo is already out and its just a matter of time before the discs make it through customs and into retail stores. With a 2.4cm rim, the disc is supposed to be stable up to 300ft. I really have no experience with Latitude's discs but I hear good things. The Halo is coming out in both their Opto line and their latest (shiniest) Gold line.

David McCormack of Gateway has mentioned a prototype in the works both on his blog and on the PDGA forums. In the forums he said it would be called the Ninja, and it would have a little HS understablity. Look for the Ninja to feature surface technology. If you have ever held an Assassin, the outer 1 inch on the top of the disc is a little rough; that's surface technology. Also, if you have held an Apache, the rim has micro grooves that also help to redruce drag, the prototype may have both. McCormack says that they expect to have the disc ready by The Memorial.


Drivers have been getting bigger and bigger rims for awhile... these drivers may have 2.4-2.5 cm rims, but more popular max d drivers have been in the 2.1-2.3 range for a few years now, including the Destroyer and Surge. Discwing's Quarter K had a 2.3cm rim while Quest's Double D has a massive 2.6cm rim. The latest batch of big rim drivers seems to be aiming towards making a big rim disc with more HS turn.

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