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Discwing Transcend

So about a week ago, I got this:

So far... does what I want it to, and more importantly what I got it for... a flat falling turnover disc. Flat falling, in my opinion, is very important in a turnover shot. You want the disc to sit down when it hits the ground, because if it comes down on an anny angle, it will roll away. What has surprised me about this disc, is that it is a little more versatile than I expected it to be. I knew I could throw it hard to get it to take a smooth turnover line, and back off on power to get straight finesse shots. But with a little touch, the disc will also hold a tight hyzer line, similar to what you would get from an Ultra-Star.

The baseline plastic is amazing grip: AMAZING! But it has the worst durability ever: AWFUL! On the VERY FIRST THROW, a downhill turnover shot thrown at about 70% power, the Transcend "Plinkoed" down a tree and took a huge gash into its rim. Sigh...

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