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Those darn kids are ruining the park!

Really? First off, I didn't see any teens or students running wild in the video. But I am sure that when people aren't around, they come out from hiding and stomp all over the ground so they kill all the grass... noooo not the grass!!

Caution: sarcasm ahead.

Sure, sure frolfers can play disc golf. Its a park: its a place for recreation and fitness. Parks are here to promote citizens health and well being whether it be running, walking your dog, having picnics, playgrounds, and yes, FROLF! But Disc Golfers, just like everyone, this isn't a "free lunch?" You have to pay just like grandma over there did for her 6am fanny-pack-power-walk. You have to pay just like Brad Broheim did so that he could take Rover out for his daily leash free walk, complete with tree pee and puppy poo. DISC GOLFERS need to pay just like little 5 year old Johnny did so that they could dig for and eat worms by the jungle gym. This ain't a free lunch.

Sigh... for the most part, P&R departments have recognized (and respected) disc golf as a lifetime fitness activity. But I have heard of many towns like this one, where Parks see an opportunity to make some $$$. In their defense, money is something very difficult for them to come by, and even harder to allocate. But looking at the video, the park did not look like it was in that bad of shape. I have definitely seen worse and those Parks were not closed. Could it be better? Yes. Is it disc golfers responsibility to pay up? No. Is it disc golfers responsibility to help? Yes.

Whether its disc golf or dog walkers, citizens should take care of their Parks. It is in fact a free lunch (PBJ between two slices of crispy tax dollars). If this was my home course, I would see this as a call to arms. It's hard for fanny-pack grandmas to organize and volunteer for some landscaping, but it's an easy deuce for disc golf clubs and leagues. The best courses have come to be because of the strong relationship between clubs and P&R.

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